Geothermal Drilling

Go Green…Choose a Geothermal Well by Tyler Pump and Well Services

Ground Source Heat Pump Systems utilize the Earth’s energy and relatively constant temperature to provide heating, cooling and hot water for residential and commercial use. When you call, Tyler Pump and Well Services examines your property for your individual heating and cooling needs.

About Geothermal Well Drilling

Geothermal well drilling is the process of harnessing the Earth’s natural warmth for property owners. Compared to natural gas or fuel, geothermal systems cost less to run and maintain because of their efficiency. They’re also much more eco-friendly, as they don’t emit harmful fumes or waste non-renewable resources. 

Geothermal heat pumps are very durable, lasting for 20 years or more, on average, while the pipes beneath the ground can last for up to 50. The only maintenance they typically need is a seasonal inspection to ensure everything is working properly. You’ll also need to change any air filters every few months, as you would with a standard HVAC system, to keep your home’s air quality healthy.

Our geothermal well drilling uses a specialized rotary drill rig to bore deep holes into the ground. Then we install equipment to create what’s known as a loop and grout the holes.

The Benefits of Geothermal Well Installation

There are many options for home owners and business owners when it comes to healing and cooling. Many turn to geothermal well drilling because of the benefits. Home and business owners have options when it comes to heating and cooling their buildings and homes, but many turn to geothermal well drilling because of the benefits, including:

Our geothermal well drilling uses our specialized rotary drill rig. Then we install a loop and grout the holes.
  • Efficiency
  • Green or Earth-friendly
  • Low noise/operation
  • Lower utility bills
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Affordable operation
  • Reliability

Contact the team at Tyler Pump and Well Services to learn more about the geothermal well drilling process and how it can benefit your home or commercial property. We are more than happy to share our extensive knowledge about well installation and make the best recommendations for you.

Well installation is more than just our profession. We truly enjoy using our knowledge and skills for our neighbors. Give us a call or send an email today to start a conversation with Tyler Pump and Well Services. We’re your source for professional well drilling in Wayne, Pike and Lackawanna Counties in Pennsylvania and Sullivan County in New York.

Additional Benefits

Your geothermal well may be eligible for a federal tax credit. Consult your accountant for details. Below you will find IRS Form 5695 and corresponding instructions.